Advanced vaginal health test

The most comprehensive vaginal health test screening all bacteria and yeast in your vagina. ScreenMe's advanced vaginal health test looks at your entire vaginal ecosystem which is responsible for lowering the risk of bacterial vaginosis, thrush, recurrent UTIs, STDs, fertility complications and HPV infection. Vaginal microbiome provides vital insight into a woman's health and is necessary for preventative healthcare.
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Ideal if you:

  • want an in-depth look into your vaginal and sexual health whether you are trying to conceive or are sexually active. 
  • suffer from symptoms like a burning sensation, pain following sex, pain on urination, unpleasant smell, swelling, redness or abnormal discharge
  • suffer from recurrent vaginal infections or UTIs
  • have experience misscariage 
  • have had STD's
  • want to reduce risk of STDs, HPV and ovarian cancer

Why you should test your vaginal microbiome

Support fertility
✔ Reduce, BV, thrush, STD and HPV risks
✔ Reduce risks for cervical cancer
✔ Protect against UTIs
✔ Encourage a healthy vaginal lining (decreases inflammation)

What the vaginal health test includes:

  • Vaginal microbiome sample collection kit
  • Comprehensive report of vaginal health from your ScreenMe PhD scientist
  • Recommended supplements

What you learn:

Our test will help assess the entire bacterial and yeast community living in your vagina and what health affects they have. You will learn about:

  • Full list of 100% of bacteria and yeast present in your vagina and their percentages
  • Your vaginal diversity 
  • Your vaginal community state type 
  • Your vaginal bacterial composition including good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria
  • Your vaginal yeast composition including candida
  • How your vaginal type is impacting your health and feritlity
  • How you can enhance you fertility, protect yourself against UTIs, vaginosis, STDs and reduce risk of cervical cancer 

What you learn:

Unlike other tests that are limited to screening certain bacteria and yeast the ScreenMe advanced test screens ALL bacteria and yeast present in your vagina. 

Once measured, it is easier to manage:

At ScreenMe we believe that humans are better than computer artificial intelligence:

Your results will be assessed personally by a range of health professionals such as:

  • Accredited medical doctors
  • Nutritionist
  • Scientist 

How it works:

1)     Take your test:

Collect your vaginal microbiome sample at home.

2)     Post your sample:

Post your sample back on the same day you take the test to our laboratory using the pre-paid envelope provided (prepaid envelopes only included in the UK)

3)    Receive your results:

Your results and report will be ready in 4-6 weeks and sent through email and you will receive your tailored food, recipes and recommended supplements on the ScreenMe dashoard.

Need more support? You also have access to a free 20 minute consultation to go over your results and answer any questions you may have. 

Waiting time:

 Results ready in 4-6 weeks.

Laboratories and products, you can trust:

Our partner labs are trusted by the NHS and private clinics, so you can expect the highest standards from our accredited laboratories.

At ScreenMe our health professionals spend a lot of time reviewing and selecting the highest quality supplements and health products available on the market, so you don’t have to. From testing through to health consultations and products all this can be easily accessed in the ScreenMe Health Shop.

 Want to know more about the vaginal microbiome before you test yourself? Read more here