Clinical-grade sperm test from home (Mojo)

Understand and improve your fertility with the Mojo at-home sperm test
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With the Mojo at-home sperm test, you can test your sperm

  • if you want to start or expand your family,
  • if you want to understand your fertility and overall health,
  • if you want to do a vasectomy checkup.

Testing your fertility has never been easier: order Mojo at-home sperm kit, produce the sample at your convenience and schedule a contact-free pick-up.

Once in our Mojo hub, we will measure your sample with the help of the Mojo AISA (Artificial Intelligence Sperm Assessment) system, following the WHO and ISO guidelines. Mojo AISA has been developed with leading fertility clinics in the UK.

With Mojo, you will be able to receive insights into your sperm quality - within 48h. We look at characteristics such as

  • semen volume (ml),
  • sperm concentration (Million/ml),
  • sperm motility (%) and
  • total sperm number (Million).

A Mojo fertility expert will be available for consultation to assist you in your fertility journey, if desired.

The Mojo at-home sperm test kit consists of:

  • Sample cup
  • Time stamp label
  • Instructions for use (IFU) in English
  • Thermally insulated container
  • Drip bottle of transport liquid
  • Cold pack and heat pack
  • Packaging for return shipment

By testing your sperm using MOJO from ScreenMe you will have access to ScreenMe experts to guide you in making healthy changes for you and your sperm.