ScreenMe services are not medical services. No services offered are intended to diagnose, address, monitor or give advice on medical conditions, diseases or illnesses. This includes if you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or are post-partum.

Any information or advice given through ScreenMe does not replace professional medical advice received through your medical professional. We do not in any way recommend self-management of any medical health issues.

How you apply or interpret any advice or information you obtain from ScreenMe is your responsibility alone. We advice you to consult your medical professional about interactions between any recommendations made by us as part of our service and any medical conditions, supplements or medications you may be taking.

Our team of scientific, medical and nutritional professionals at ScreenMe take great pride and care in the service that is provided to you and ensure the information you receive is accurate, based on most recent scientific findings to our knowledge and tailored to your test results and personal needs. However, we cannot guarantee a particular outcome as a result of you taking any course of recommended action. This is due to factors unknown to us such as genetic factors, environmental factors as well as lifestyle choices which are important predictors.