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Products that promote fertility and help optimise your chances of successful conception.

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Picture of Biome Prenatal+ 30's (Activated Probiotics)

Biome Prenatal+ 30's (Activated Probiotics)

Activated Probiotics are a premium, practitioner only product and therefore are only available once you have had been referred by a practitioner. Please book an appointment with one of our experts, or receive your free consultation when you purchase one of our tests. Biome Prenatal+ contains a range of bacterial strains naturally found in the healthy vaginal microbiome including Lactobacillus crispatus, with innovative microencapsulation technology.
Picture of Female Biotic 30 Capsules (BioCare)

Female Biotic 30 Capsules (BioCare)

Female Biotic contains 10 billion microencapsulated, clinically-researched live bacteria, combined with cranberry and vitamin B6 for female intimate health, urinary tract support, and hormone balance.
Picture of Female Balance 60 Capsules (BioCare)

Female Balance 60 Capsules (BioCare)

Formerly known as FemForte Balance, an advanced botanical complex for women with red clover, sage, broccoli, and green tea. This is an improved formula that now includes Sage and Calcium D Glucarate.
Picture of Methyl Pregnancy Multinutrient 60 Capsules (BioCare)

Methyl Pregnancy Multinutrient 60 Capsules (BioCare)

Advanced, high potency multinutrient for conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.