Finger Prick Blood Test

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Picture of Basic hormonal balance test

Basic hormonal balance test

A simple finger-prick blood test to for LH, FSH, oestradiol, testosterone, SHBG, Free androgen index and prolactin providing an insight into sex hormones and hormonal balance.
Picture of Men's fertility test

Men's fertility test

Our easy, at-home, finger-prick blood test for men's fertility and hormonal health. Men's hormonal balance can impact fertility, sperm health, mood and sleep quality.
Picture of Men's fertility, wellness, hormone and nutrient test

Men's fertility, wellness, hormone and nutrient test

Our comprehensive, at-home, finger-prick blood test for men's health which includes fertility hormones, vitamins and minerals. This comprehensive test allows to examine whether hormonal, nutritional or metabolic imbalances are affecting fertility, mood, productivity, cardiac health and more. With the help of ScreenMe health expert you can personalise your nutrition and supplements to maximise your fertility and reach optimal health.
Picture of Progesterone


A simple, at-home finger-prick blood test that helps confirm ovulation and basic fertility health.
Picture of Comprehensive PCOS test

Comprehensive PCOS test

A comprehensive check of your hormones for PCOS screening.
Picture of Hormonal balance and fertility

Hormonal balance and fertility

Gives you an insight into your overall reproductive health, hormonal balance and egg reserves.