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Picture of Cyto-Night (Cytoplan)

Cyto-Night (Cytoplan)

Cyto-Night is a powder which can be mixed in a small amount of water or juice at bedtime. It contains the key ingredients glycine, Montmorency cherry, magnesium and hops. Montmorency cherry is a natural source of melatonin.
Picture of Mega Mineral Complex (Lamberts)

Mega Mineral Complex (Lamberts)

Contains a useful combination of the most important minerals Provides particularly good levels of calcium and magnesium as well as iron. It can be used when the vitamins in a supplement regime are being supplied separately or it can be taken alongside Lamberts high strength multivitamin product Megavit®. This product is made in the UK to pharmaceutical GMP standards.
Picture of Omega 3 Pure Fish Oil (Lamberts)

Omega 3 Pure Fish Oil (Lamberts)

280mg of Omega 3s: 135mg of EPA and 90mg of DHA A smaller capsule for ease of swallowing Ideal for teenagers Enclosed in a fish gelatin capsule Sophisticated purification process Natural vitamin E for oxidation protection
Picture of Acidophilus Plus (Cytoplan)

Acidophilus Plus (Cytoplan)

Acidophilus Plus contains Lactobacillus acidophilus and a further eight live native bacterial strains, plus a small amount of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). Ideal for children aged four years upwards and adults up to their early 40s. It can also be taken by older adults but we generally recommend our Fos-A-Dophilus for over 40s. Does not require refrigeration.
Picture of Cherry C (Cytoplan)

Cherry C (Cytoplan)

The fruit of the acerola cherry tree is one of the richest-known natural sources of vitamin C. Acerola cherry also contains a whole array of bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients, making it an ideal food-based source of nutrition. Each capsule provides 200mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, this means that it is an antioxidant.
Picture of Choline Bitartrate Powder (Cytoplan)

Choline Bitartrate Powder (Cytoplan)

Choline is a water-soluble B vitamin. It can be produced in the human body, but natural quantities are often insufficient. It is also available from dietary sources. Choline contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism, lipid metabolism and the maintenance of normal liver function.