Gut Microbiome Health Package

Discover your gut microbiome in the comfort of your home, using cutting edge science. The diversity of the bacteria and yeast living in your gut is directly related to many health functions including digestive health, immune system, weight control, metabolism, cardiovascular health, mood and energy levels. Use this test & consultation to learn how to influence your microbiome to improve your health.
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Ideal if you

  • Want to fully screen your gut including: Diversity score, Energy score, Metabolic score, Probiotic Bacteria score, Butyrate score, Weight guardian scores
  • Have concerns about multiple health issues including; digestive health, immune system, weight control, metabolism, cardiovascular health, mood.
  • Want to understand your own microbiome so you can tailor your lifestyle accordingly, and optimise your health.

About this test:

  • This consists of an easy to do, at-home stool swab test.
  • Discovering secrets of the microbiome allows you to create a more diverse and healthier microbial ecosystem that supports many health functions associated with it.
  • At ScreenMe our expert scientists and nutritionists ensure you receive all the information and guidance you need to restore and maintain a healthy microbiome and improve your health and wellness. Your results will be personally assessed by a range of health professionals.
  • Our partner labs are trusted by the NHS & private clinics, so you can expect the highest standards from our accredited laboratories.

What the Microbiome Screen Package includes

  • Test 100% of your gut microbiome composition.
  • Test all bacteria and yeast present.
  • PhD scientist's report
  • Tailored advice on nutrition and lifestyle, based off of your results
  • Free consultation with our experts

What the test measures

  • Diversity Score
  • Energy Score
  • Metabolic Score
  • Butyrate Score
  • Probiotic Bacteria Scores
  • Weight Guardian Scores

How it works?

  • Take your test
    • Collect your stool sample from the comfort of your own home
  • Post your sample
    • Use the pre-paid envelope provided to post your sample back to our laboratory, on the same day you took the test.
  • Get your individual results
    • Access your personal dashboard to view your results, reports, recommended nutrition, and more.
  • Have your free consultation
    • Speak to our experts who guide you through your results and create your own bespoke plan of action, recommendations, nutritional advice; including tailored supplement and product recommendations
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