IVF Health Package

We have created this test specifically for women going through IVF, so that you can support and monitor your fertility journey from the comfort of your own home. Support and knowledge from our expert team, will allow you to optimise your success chances, and address any issues that arise, being guided through any necessary changes.
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  • We realise that those going through IVF have different needs and support through their fertility package. Therefore, we have created a package tailored for our IVF community, optimising your fertility chances, without any unnecessary tests.

About this test:

  • This consists of an easy to do, at-home finger-prick blood test.
  • This test will give you a complete understanding of your major organ and health functions, as well as your vaginal health. Such information will allow you to make changes to optimise you fertility, health and wellness.
  • At ScreenMe our expert scientists and nutritionists ensure you receive all the information and guidance you need to restore and improve your health and wellness. Your results will be personally assessed by a range of health professionals.
  • Our partner labs are trusted by the NHS & private clinics, so you can expect the highest standards from our accredited laboratories.

What the IVF Package includes

  • Test 15 different blood markers and full vaginal health : Thyroid function, lipid profile,diabetes marker (HbA1c), vitamins (D,B12,folate), minerals (iron profile), inflammarion (CRP) and vaginal microbiome profile for vaginal health
  • Full composition and diversity of vaginal microbiome analysed – click here to view our blog on the importance of vaginal health for fertility, written by Dr Golnoush herself.
  • Screening of 100% of the bacteria and/or yeast in your microbiome
  • Your vaginal community state-type
  • NHS registered doctor’s report
  • Tailored advice on nutrition and lifestyle, based off of your results
  • Free consultation with our experts

What the test measures

  • Lipid Profile
    • LDL Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, Cholesterol, Triclycerides, Cholesterol ratios.
  • Thyroid Profile
    • TSH, FT4
  • Inflammation
    • CRP-hs
  • Vitamins
    • Vitamin B12, Vitamin B9, Vitamin D
  • Minerals
    • Full Iron profile (Iron, Ferritin, UIBC, TIBC)
  • 100% of the bacteria present
  • 100% of yeast present

How it works?

  • Take your test
    • Collect your blood sample from the comfort of your own home
  • Post your sample
    • Use the pre-paid envelope provided to post your sample back to our laboratory, on the same day you took the test.
  • Get your individual results
    • Access your personal dashboard to view your results, reports, recommended nutrition, and more.
  • Have your free consultation
    • Speak to our experts who guide you through your results and create your own bespoke plan of action, recommendations, nutritional advice; including tailored supplement and product recommendations