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Picture of Jude's Leak-Proof Pants (Full High)

Jude's Leak-Proof Pants (Full High)

Fast-absorbing, leak-free knickers. Jude's knickers are designed to hold 8 teaspoons of urine. Get on with your day feeling secure, dry and odour-free.
Picture of Bamboo All-day Incontinence Liners (Jude)

Bamboo All-day Incontinence Liners (Jude)

Pack of 30 Only leak a little? Or just looking for extra reassurance? Co-created with our community, our biodegradable liners are unlike any other you've tried before. With a special odour-neutralising hydrogel layer that locks in liquid in record time, plus a super-soft top sheet. Made by our partners at Jude!
Picture of Bamboo Everyday Incontinence Pads (Jude)

Bamboo Everyday Incontinence Pads (Jude)

Pack of 24 Ultra-thin, super-soft, fully-biodegradable pads. For medium leaks and gushes. Made by our partners at Jude!