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Picture of UrinVita 30's (Vitae)

UrinVita 30's (Vitae)

UrinVita is a natural food supplement based on pomegranate, grape, cranberry and rosemary extract. The proanthocyanidins and procyanidins support the urinary system. The synergy of the ingredients contributes to the antioxidant effect.
Picture of Cervagyn 50g (BioCare)

Cervagyn 50g (BioCare)

A unique topical cream for intimate skin care and freshness.
Picture of IntraFresh 6 Vaginal Pessaries (BioCare)

IntraFresh 6 Vaginal Pessaries (BioCare)

IntraFresh® is a uniquely formulated pessary for female freshness and comfort.
Picture of Intimate Wash (YesYesYes)

Intimate Wash (YesYesYes)

YES® CLEANSE are sensitively formulated intimate washes, designed to respect the delicate vagina. Responsibly formulated, richly foaming, effectively cleansing and safely pleasurable to use, YES® CLEANSE is the ideal intimate wash. Made by our partner YESYESYES.