Men's fertility, wellness, hormone and nutrient test

Our comprehensive, at-home, finger-prick blood test for men's health which includes fertility hormones, vitamins and minerals. This comprehensive test allows to examine whether hormonal, nutritional or metabolic imbalances are affecting fertility, mood, productivity, cardiac health and more. With the help of ScreenMe health expert you can personalise your nutrition and supplements to maximise your fertility and reach optimal health.
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Who is it for:

Do you want a comprehensive health check you can do safely at home? Are you not in need of a consultation? Or are you social distancing? This test provides an in-depth look into your reproductive and general health without the need for a clinic or nurse visit. It also includes a report from your NHS registered medical doctor and tailored nutrition placed into your ScreenMe eat well plate.


What’s included:

1) We will test your blood makers related to:

  • Hormone levels
  • Thyroid profile
  • Diabetes risk
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

2) Personalised nutritional and lifestyle guidance tailored to your specific results and needs

3) Access to the ScreenMe platform to find all your fertility products and nutritional guidance all-in-one place.

4) Unlimited email support 


What’s tested:

This test will provide you with the following results: 

Hormones levels

  •        Follicle-Stimulating Hormone: It helps us understand your hormonal regulation
  •        Oestradiol: In high amounts can interfere with normal sperm production
  •        Luteinizing Hormone: It helps us understand your hormonal regulation
  •        Prolactin: Has been associated with low libido and erectile dysfunction
  •        SHBG: controls how much testosterone is available to the body for use
  •        Testosterone: sex hormone affecting many aspects of fertility in men 
  •        Free Androgen Index: Used to look for abnormal androgen levels 



  •        Vitamin D
  •        Vitamin B12
  •        Folate



  •        Iron profile
  •        Magnesium
  •        Zinc


Cholesterol Status

  •        Cholesterol profile


Diabetes Marker

  •        HbA1c


Once measured, it is easier to manage:

At ScreenMe we believe that humans are better than computer artificial intelligence. Your results will be assessed personally by a range of health professionals such as:

  • Accredited medical doctors
  • Fertility Nutritionist
  • Specialist Scientist

Our nutritionist will select food items tailored to your specific needs to help guide you through your health and fertility journey. All your results and recommendation can be accessed at anytime and anyplace on the online ScreenMe platform.


How it works:

1)     Take your test:

Collect your blood sample at home.

2)     Post your sample:

Post your sample back on the same day you take the test to our laboratory using the pre-paid envelope provided.

3)     View your dashboard:

View your results and reports as well as recommended foods and recipes on your ScreenMe platform. Here you can also purchase your tailored supplements from our Health Shop.


Special Instructions:

Avoid taking biotin supplements for 2 days prior to this test. Hormonal medication or steroids can affect the results of this test.  Avoid taking the sample from a finger used to handle hormone gels or hormone pessaries in the past 4 weeks. 


Laboratories and products, you can trust:

Our partner labs are trusted by the NHS and private clinics, so you can expect the highest standards from our accredited laboratories.

At ScreenMe our health professionals spend a lot of time reviewing and selecting the highest quality supplements and health products available on the market, so you don’t have to. From testing through to health consultations and products all this can be easily accessed in the ScreenMe Health Shop.