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Picture of NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) (Cytoplan)

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) (Cytoplan)

NAC is a highly stable and bioavailable form of the amino acid cysteine. Amino acids are compounds used by the body for a number of functions including forming proteins. Proteins are required by the human body for the repair, maintenance and growth of tissue where they perform structural roles.
Picture of Pregna-Plan (Cytoplan)

Pregna-Plan (Cytoplan)

Cytoplan Pregna-Plan supplement is a comprehensive, specifically formulated, multivitamin and mineral for all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also suitable for preconception planning for women too. It includes the UK government recommendations for folic acid (included as the active methylfolate form) and vitamin D, along with excellent levels of other vitamins and minerals.
Picture of Vitamin B12 sublingual (Cytoplan)

Vitamin B12 sublingual (Cytoplan)

A high potency active B12 supplement containing a combined dose of 1mg of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin (i.e. 500µg of each), which are both active forms of this vitamin. People at particular risk of vitamin B12 deficiency include those eating a vegan or vegetarian diet, people with low stomach acid or other digestive conditions leading to malabsorption (and some prescription medications can reduce B12).
Picture of Cyto-Night (Cytoplan)

Cyto-Night (Cytoplan)

Cyto-Night is a powder which can be mixed in a small amount of water or juice at bedtime. It contains the key ingredients glycine, Montmorency cherry, magnesium and hops. Montmorency cherry is a natural source of melatonin.
Picture of Iron (Cytoplan)

Iron (Cytoplan)

Food State Iron, providing 10mg of iron per tablet, is presented to the body in a base of inactive Lactobacillus bulgaricus and thus is a gentle, non-constipating and well-absorbed supplement. Food State Vitamin C and molybdenum are also included. Vitamin C increases iron absorption. Food State supplements provide nutrients in the same form as those found in food.
Picture of Multi Protein+ (Cytoplan)

Multi Protein+ (Cytoplan)

Get a FREE pot of Omega Balance when you purchase our NEW Multi Protein+! Our protein powder is a blend of vegan protein (from brown rice, pea, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower and chickpea) to provide a full spectrum of amino acids. It is also a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral providing optimum levels of nutrients including CoQ10, methylcobalamin (B12) and vitamin D3. In addition, this supplement contains 2 strains of probiotic, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Breve, as well as the prebiotic fibre inulin and protease enzymes to provide digestive support. This formulation also contains beta-glucans for immune support and lacuma powder.